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Sun Control, Sunshades, Solar Blinds, Sun Screens, and Sun screens for homes and businesses

We install sun control screens for home owners and businesses in the Southern California area. Our professional installation will help lower your bills and increase your privacy.

Our sun control screens are made using Phifer SunTex exterior shading fabric. SunTex is a pet resistant, vinyl-coated polyester that is mildew and fade resistant and needs only an occasional cleaning with mild soap and water. Sun Control Screens can be installed on windows, doors, skylights, and can be used as an enclosure for patios.


We have several colors to choose from:



Each of the above colors provides a different level of shading effectiveness. The table below is provided to show the difference between each color with darker colors providing maximum glare reduction and visibility. The solar optical properties are used to calculate the shading coefficient.  The shading coefficient represents the percentage of solar heat gain that is transmitted to the interior through the glass and shading system.


Solar Heat Control Properties, Exterior Use, 30° Profile Angle

Description*  -----Shading Coefficient** w/-----
Suntex TSRSAS 1/8"Cl1/4"Cl1/4" HA
Brown 22573 0.310.310.29
Black 24472 0.330.330.28
Grey 262450 0.330.320.28
Stucco 353431 0.400.390.36

Solar Heat Control Properties, Exterior Use, 75° Profile Angle

Description*  -----Shading Coefficient** w/-----
Suntex TSRSAS 1/8"Cl1/4"Cl1/4"HA
Brown 61678
Black 71578
Grey 115138
Stucco 214336


* TS=Solar Transmittance
   RS=Solar Reflectance
   AS=Solar Absorbance
**1/8"CL= 1/8" Clear Glass
   1/4" CL=1/4" Clear Glass
   1/4" HA = 1/4" Heat Absorbing Glass